The Break In The Beam - 2014 Collection for Brighton Fashion Week

The Break In The Beam is a collection I made to explore structural vulnerability in menswear. Made entirely from reclaimed pre-consumer waste, it takes silhouettes from sportswear, particularly the layering of cycling clothes, and re-imagines them.

It was showcased at the Sustain catwalk show at Brighton Fashion Week 2014




The Performing Tube - Collaboration with Jessie Metcalf - 2013 Collection.

The Performing Tube project reclaimed fabric from a closing-down family-run garment factory in the east midlands. This upcycled fabric was then dyed using waste dyes from a film company costume department, and the final collection was shown as a performance with a local youth dance group at a performing arts festival in Derbyshire. documents the process.




Graduate Collection - University College Falmouth 2011

In my graduate collection, I used a mix of new and reclaimed fabrics, including waste sailcloth from a nearby sailmakers and calico and spot & cross paper used in the design process. Innovative cutting processes using gunpowder and a blowtorch help to transform these waste fabrics into something unique and beautiful.




The Prying Loose - 2010 mini-collection

To make The Prying Loose collection I used layers of fusible interfacing to re-use a length of black jersey, turning it into a suitable suiting fabric. It also used screenshots from a digital film made for the collection that took advantage of purposeful errors in video compression - these were then collaged together to form long prints which were layered in silk and cotton.