Music - Solo Work


Songs, is a bunch of stories I wrote and recorded when I lived on Anglesey in 2012.

They were a year in writing, a year living on my own in a house in the middle of nowhere, cut with periods of travelling around the UK & Ireland, staying with friends & family - travelling to have some human contact. The songs here come from the year's travels, and the lull of afterwards - the memories of them, dreams of them, imagined landscapes & relationships.

The words in 'they tell me that over there' are lifted from a poem by André Breton.



Killigrew Street 2011

A collection put together from 2 sets of Demo recordings done in Falmouth in 2011. A real snapshot of time.



Loop Collages

These collages are made by collecting sounds on a loop of tape (two sounds at one time - side A and side B) and then collaging on a computer.



Music - Collaborations

The Female Thief

The Female Thief is an album by Jack Kindred-Boothby and David Hobbs. Autumn 2011 we spent in Anglesey, Wales, writing and recording. It is available to buy on CD from, or download for free from



Red River Dialect

Red River Dialect is David Morris, Simon Drinkwater, Jack Kindred-Boothby, Hugh Cowling and Ed Sanders. Our album 'awellupontheway' was recorded summer 2011. Listen/buy on CD/vinyl from our bandcamp page